Dispatch and Ships


Dispatch verb - To cause to go or be taken from one place to another.

Ships and dispatch are semantically related In some cases you can replace term "Ships" with "Dispatch", this verbs are similar.


Definitions of Dispatch not found.

Dispatch and ships are semantically related in send topic. You can use "Dispatch" instead a verb "Ships".

Both words in one sentence

  • These "Jupiter Brains," are actually Cylon ships, who dispatch a Six to check out the galaxy, and to determine how humanity is doing.
  • Standard Sci-Fi Fleet Dispatch/Courier Boat: Basically a shell wrapped around a hyperdrive, with a bridge, a few spare rooms, and not much else, these tiny ships are designed to get from point A to point B as quickly as possible and ride the upper limit of the "hyper bands" that allow FTL travel in the Honorverse.
  • Thus, the only reason to use one of the story's "Emergency Dispatch Ships" for anything — let alone transporting indispensable medical supplies — is if you are a sociopath who values government protocol more than sentient life.
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