Disregard and Ignore


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Disregard verb – To fail to give proper attention to.
Usage example: disregarded the posted warnings of avalanche danger and went skiing anyway

Ignore is a synonym for disregard in action topic. In some cases you can use "Ignore" instead a verb "Disregard", when it comes to topics like concern, see, care for, leave. popular alternative
Nearby Words: disregarded, disregarding
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Ignore verb – To fail to give proper attention to.
Usage example: ignoring your health now will haunt you further down the road

Disregard is a synonym for ignore in overlook topic. You can use "Disregard" instead a verb "Ignore", if it concerns topics such as action, concern, see, care for. popular alternative
Nearby Words: ignorance, ignoring
Synonyms for Ignore

Common collocations

people disregard people ignore people
part disregard part ignore part
parts disregard parts ignore parts
season disregard season ignore season
Other nouns: fact, characters, rule, law, pain, warning, advice, message, existence, rules, everyone, feelings, orders, events, warnings, laws.

Both words in one sentence

  • It helps that the Mythos has no real Word of God to hinge on except as it pertains to individual works, meaning followers are free to ignore and disregard works they think are doing a crummy job of it.
  • Series / The X Factor Mel B and Cheryl get pretty annoyed when auditionees ignore their opinions or disregard them completely.
  • Webcomic / Next Town Over Anti-Villain: Hunter, who is quite an affable and nice person... if you ignore his disregard for human life and property, as well as pettiness.
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