Disregard and Thought


Disregard noun - Lack of interest or concern.

Thought is an antonym for disregard.

Nearby Words: disregarded, disregarding


Thought noun - A careful weighing of the reasons for or against something.

Disregard is an antonym for thought in topics: idea, formation of mental objects.

How words are described

human human disregard human thought
clear clear disregard clear thought
exact exact disregard exact thought
initial initial disregard initial thought
Other adjectives: violent, great, serious, general.

Both words in one sentence

  • Comic Book / The Authority The Authority are globally destructive, even though they are supposed to be a group of heroes; they don't bow down to anyone and don't follow any directive but their own; they disregard collateral damage without a second thought, but still they are remarkably charismatic in all the hubris.
  • This applies to Folder as well; too many bullies thought that since he was an Actual Pacifist, it gave them the green light to torment him with total disregard to how they were courting a very nasty sort of Baleful Polymorph if he went off the deep end.
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