Dissuade and Encourage


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Dissuade verb – To steer (a person) from an activity or course of action.
Usage example: tried to dissuade her from her intention to drop out of college

Encourage is an antonym for dissuade in talk out of topic.
Nearby Words: dissuasion, dissuading, dissuasive
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Encourage verb – To try to persuade (someone) through earnest appeals to follow a course of action.
Usage example: the pastor continues to encourage the couple to work out their problems in hopes of saving their marriage

Dissuade is an antonym for encourage in topics: urge, help, discourage, stimulate spiritually.
Nearby Words: encouragement, encouraging
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Similar words of dissuade
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Similar words of encourage
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Common collocations

friend dissuade friend encourage friend
people dissuade people encourage people
children dissuade children encourage children
characters dissuade characters encourage characters
Other nouns: anyone, enemy, son, kids, players, fans, girls, attempts.

Both words in one sentence

  • The only problem is that this ability seems to apply exclusively to complete nutbars and dangerous lunatics that he'd rather stay very far away from, and any attempt to dissuade them only seems to encourage them.
    Source: Magnetic Hero
  • There's a standard sitcom plot where one party (usually the parents) attempts to dissuade or encourage another party (usually the kids) by, naturally, doing the opposite.
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