Distance and Reserve


Distance noun - The space or amount of space between two points, lines, surfaces, or objects.

Reserve is a synonym for distance in aloofness topic. In some cases you can use "Reserve" instead a noun "Distance".


Reserve noun - The checking of one's true feelings and impulses when dealing with others.
Usage example: the salesclerk showed great reserve in dealing with the unreasonable demands of the angry customer

Distance is a synonym for reserve in uncommunicativeness topic. Sometimes you can use "Distance" instead a noun "Reserve".

How words are described

emotional emotional distance emotional reserve
good good distance good reserve
full full distance full reserve
total total distance total reserve
Other adjectives: infinite, proper, small, entire, massive, large, big, huge, limited, extra, significant, vast, greater, remaining, bigger, shortest.

Common collocations

game distance game reserve game
freedom distance freedom reserve freedom

Both words in one sentence

  • Not the case with Horatio Hornblower, who attempts to maintain proper distance and reserve between himself and his crew.
  • In Going the Distance, the main character is playing an old Centipede arcade machine properly, even correctly using the classic 80s "put a quarter on the machine console to reserve my turn" arcade etiquette.
    Source: Pac-Man Fever
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