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Distinguish verb – To understand or point out the difference in.
Usage example: even at such a young age, he could distinguish the calls of various birds

Know is a synonym for distinguish in discern topic. In some cases you can use "Know" instead a verb "Distinguish", when it comes to topics like recognise, comparison, same, identify. popular alternative
Nearby Words: distinguishing, distinguishable
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Know verb – Be able to distinguish, recognize as being different.
Usage example: The child knows right from wrong

Distinguish is a synonym for know in recognise topic. You can use "Distinguish" instead a verb "Know", if it concerns topics such as recognize, comparison, same, identify. popular alternative
Nearby Words: knowing, known
Synonyms for Know

Common collocations

love distinguish love know love
character distinguish character know character
word distinguish word know word
someone distinguish someone know someone
Other nouns: characters, difference, meaning, magic.

Both words in one sentence

  • Technicolor Science Of course, they did have to distinguish it from the silver, iron, and aluminum (yes, I know aluminum and iron wouldn't look like that anyway - y'know what, it's just a game).
  • Western Animation / Danger Mouse Something Only They Would Say: In "Sinister Mouse", Penfold attempts to distinguish between DM and his Evil Twin by asking a question about himself that only DM would know.
  • Somehow the characters know how to distinguish between the X-Blade and their normal Keyblades.
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