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Distinguish verb – To find out or establish the identity of.
Usage example: learned at an early age to distinguish the sound of a piano in an orchestra

Pick out is a synonym for distinguish in see topic. In some cases you can use "Pick out" instead a verb "Distinguish", when it comes to topics like differentiate, detect, make out, discern. popular alternative
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Pick out verb – Detect with the senses.
Usage example: The fleeing convicts were picked out of the darkness by the watchful prison guards

Distinguish is a synonym for pick out in recognize topic. You can use "Distinguish" instead a verb "Pick out", if it concerns topics such as see, catch sight of. popular alternative
Synonyms for Pick out

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  • Measuring the Marigolds Take trees: If you know next to nothing about them, you'll probably be able to distinguish two general types (evergreens and deciduous, roughly those that don't go bald in winter and those that do), and maybe pick out a couple specific types like maple and willow.
  • Uniformity Exception This trope is about characters who look similar to the resident Redshirts, Mooks, Henchmen Race or other such group of hard-to-distinguish characters, but have some characteristic which makes them easy to pick out.
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