Distressing and Unfortunate


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Distressing adjective – Of a kind to cause great distress.
Usage example: the distressing death of our favorite actor

Unfortunate is a synonym for distressing in deplorable topic. In some cases you can use "Unfortunate" instead the word "Distressing" as an adjective or a noun.
Nearby Words: distress, distressed, distressingly, distressful
Synonyms for Distressing


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Unfortunate adjective – Of a kind to cause great distress.
Usage example: an unfortunate choice of words that would later prove to be embarrassing for the talk show host

Distressing is a synonym for unfortunate in untimely topic. You can use "Distressing" instead an adjective "Unfortunate", if it concerns topics such as deplorable.
Nearby Word: unfortunately
Synonyms for Unfortunate

Things that words describes

experience distressing experience unfortunate experience
tendency distressing tendency unfortunate tendency
habit distressing habit unfortunate habit
part distressing part unfortunate part
Other nouns: encounter, effect, incident, situation, case, way, effects, past, results, events, examples, situations.

Both words in one sentence

  • This makes the existence of people who blur the boundaries between races distressing for people of those races, who will see their identity as being under threat and in their illogical rage target the unfortunate mixed-race children in their midst.
  • The distressing scenario in a video game when you're caught in an inescapable Death Trap and have to watch your Life Meter gradually be reduced to nothing — or, if you're a One-Hit-Point Wonder, exhaust your supply of One Ups one by one as you keep respawning in a very unfortunate position.
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