Distrust and Faith


Distrust noun - A feeling or attitude that one does not know the truth, truthfulness, or trustworthiness of someone or something.
Usage example: the psychic's bold claims were greeted with distrust and outright scorn

Faith is an antonym for distrust in topics: suspicion, confidence, lack of faith in something.


Faith noun - Firm belief in the integrity, ability, effectiveness, or genuineness of someone or something.
Usage example: never having had much faith in banks, the old miser kept his money under the mattress

Distrust is an antonym for faith in topics: confidence, honesty, trust in something, community of believers.

How words are described

human human distrust human faith
particular particular distrust particular faith
complete complete distrust complete faith
total total distrust total faith
Other adjectives: deep, strong, great, little, bad, false, continued, immense.

Both words in one sentence

  • Characters / Friendship Is Magic: Redeemed This distrust and hatred of difference stems from her inability to put faith in any friendship after losing her foalhood friend for fear of it falling apart again.
  • The differences in faith created mutual distrust between the Catholic and Orthodox churches and sparked many wars during the course of several centuries, though this was also compounded with Judaism and Islam as well.
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