Divine and Human


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Divine adjective – Of, relating to, or being God.
Usage example: for these divine gifts let us be truly thankful

Human is an antonym for divine.
Nearby Words: divination, divinely, divined, divining, diviner
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Human adjective – Relating to or characteristic of human beings.
Usage example: it's human nature to care about what people think of us

Divine is an antonym for human.
Nearby Words: humane, humanity, humanely, humanism, humanistic
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Similar words of divine
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Similar words of human
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How words are described

good good divine good human
perfect perfect divine perfect human
complete complete divine complete human
regular regular divine regular human
Other adjectives: single, actual, male, young, new, former, last, immortal.

Things that words describes

body divine body human body
nature divine nature human nature
origin divine origin human origin
form divine form human form
Other nouns: blood, mother, forces, beings.

Both words in one sentence

  • Messianic Archetype Also, like Jesus had human and divine parentage, Eärendil is one of the Half-Elven.
  • Useful Notes / The Pope Honorius was sympathetic to the Monothelites - who believed that Jesus, despite having two natures (human and divine), had only one will (divine) and not two (also human and divine).
  • Jesus, being both human and divine, on top of being sinless, manages to answer all of the conditions.
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