Dodge and Shun


Dodge verb - To avoid having to comply with (something) especially through cleverness.
Usage example: always trying to dodge the landlord's rule prohibiting pets

Shun is a synonym for dodge in avoid topic. In some cases you can use "Shun" instead a verb "Dodge", when it comes to topics like elude, behaviour, seek, evade. popular alternative

Nearby Words: dodged, dodger, dodging


Shun verb - To get or keep away from (as a responsibility) through cleverness or trickery.
Usage example: just a ruse to shun the debt collectors

Dodge is a synonym for shun in avoid topic. You can use "Dodge" instead a verb "Shun", if it concerns topics such as elude, evade, behaviour, seek. popular alternative

Nearby Word: shunned

Common collocations

questions dodge questions shun questions
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