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Dog verb – To go after or on the track of.
Usage example: star athletes being dogged by fans when they're out in public

Trail is a synonym for dog in pursue topic. In some cases you can use "Trail" instead a verb "Dog", when it comes to topics like bother, precede. popular alternative
Nearby Words: doghouse, doggy, doge
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Trail verb – To go after or on the track of.
Usage example: we trailed our friend into the woods, inadvertently spoiling his plans for a solitary hike

Dog is a synonym for trail in follow topic. You can use "Dog" instead a verb "Trail", if it concerns topics such as precede. popular alternative
Nearby Words: trailed, trailer, trailing
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How words are described

nice nice dog nice trail
green green dog green trail
small small dog small trail
actual actual dog actual trail
Other adjectives: massive, large, huge, wrong, dangerous, blue, tiny, white, hot, yellow, rising, magical.

Both words in one sentence

  • Literature / The Tinder Box The dog doesn't notice the flour trail, and the soldier is arrested and sentenced to hanging.He doesn't have his tinder-box, so he gets a boy to go to his apartment and bring him the tinder-box.
  • Red Herring However, after the handler led the dog back to Jamie's scent trail (near the herring), the dog picked the trail back up and managed to track Jamie down.
    Source: Red Herring
  • Dog Walks You In The Detective and the Diplomat, Sherlock Holmes (investigating a case while trapped on the Discworld) uses Gaspode as a tracking dog — but while Holmes is perfectly suited to running along in the wake of a hound on the trail, Gaspode is not one of nature's tracking dogs.
    Source: Dog Walks You
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