Doll and Marionette


Doll noun - A small figure often of a human being used especially as a child's plaything.
Usage example: there was a row of dolls along the shelf in the bedroom
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Synonyms for Doll

Marionette is a synonym for doll in puppet topic. In some cases you can use "Marionette" instead a noun "Doll", when it comes to topics like toy person. popular alternative

Nearby Words: dolly, dollish, dolled, dolling, dollie


Marionette noun - A small figure of a person operated from above with strings by a puppeteer.
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Synonyms for Marionette

Doll is a synonym for marionette in puppet topic. You can use "Doll" instead a noun "Marionette".

Both words in one sentence

  • Creepy Doll In Monster Girl Quest, Gnome can be seen holding a mud doll, a marionette-like doll with hollow eye sockets.
    Source: Creepy Doll
  • Creepy Doll He's made Shotaro into a marionette with nails for teeth and Haruto into a cloth doll with gold button eyes.
    Source: Creepy Doll
  • Film / A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors Perverse Puppet: Freddy Krueger appears as one by manifesting himself through a marionette doll.
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