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Donation noun – A gift of money or its equivalent to a charity, humanitarian cause, or public institution.
Usage example: a generous donation to the orphanage from an anonymous benefactor

Grant is a synonym for donation in gift topic. In some cases you can use "Grant" instead a noun "Donation", when it comes to topics like contribution. popular alternative
Nearby Words: donate, donated, donating, donative
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Grant noun – A sum of money allotted for a specific use by official or formal action.
Donation is a synonym for grant in award topic. You can use "Donation" instead a noun "Grant", if it concerns topics such as allowance, endowment, gift. popular alternative
Nearby Words: granted, granting, grantee, grantor
Synonyms for Grant

How words are described

generous generous donation generous grant
small small donation small grant
massive massive donation massive grant
huge huge donation huge grant
Other adjectives: political.

Both words in one sentence

  • On the one hand, you may receive a donation or grant which will help you forge ahead in school or business.
  • Blood Bath This legend is the background for the Donation of Constantine, now shown to be a forgery, which purported to grant the entire Western Empire to the papacy.
    Source: Blood Bath
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