Douse and Duck


Douse verb - To make wet.
Usage example: the heavy rains thoroughly doused the tourists strolling the town streets

Duck is a synonym for douse in drench topic. In some cases you can use "Duck" instead a verb "Douse", when it comes to topics like dip, enter, immerse. popular alternative

Nearby Word: dousing


Duck verb - To sink or push (something) briefly into or as if into a liquid.
Usage example: ducked the new camper in the lake as a joke

Douse is a synonym for duck in dip topic. You can use "Douse" instead a verb "Duck", if it concerns topics such as enter, immerse, dunk. popular alternative

Nearby Words: ducked, ducking, ducky, duckling

Common collocations

fire douse fire duck fire
wizard douse wizard duck wizard
hands douse hands duck hands
times douse times duck times
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