Drag and Screw


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Drag verb – To cause to follow by applying steady force on.
Screw and drag are semantically related. In some cases you can use "Screw" instead a verb "Drag".
Nearby Words: dragged, dragline
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Screw verb – To twist (something) out of a natural or normal shape or condition.
Drag and screw are semantically related. Sometimes you can use "Drag" instead a verb "Screw".
Nearby Words: screwy, screwball, screwed, screwing
Synonyms for Screw

How words are described

human human drag human screw
full full drag full screw
long long drag long screw
complete complete drag complete screw
Other adjectives: utter, powerful, real, severe, cool, biggest.

Common collocations

guy drag guy screw guy
people drag people screw people
team drag team screw team
way drag way screw way
Other nouns: earth, world, country, box, everyone, daughter, humans, women, enemies.

Both words in one sentence

  • While he's known to drag things out for one reason or another, Naruto doesn't screw around in Reaching for a Dream after Danzo tries to have Xanna kidnapped and used as a hostage.
  • Series / 30 Rock Screw Yourself: Jenna attempts this with a drag queen who impersonates her.
  • Disney Death Only then does J'onn reveal that Wally is not dead yet and the League say Screw Destiny and drag him back from the brink.
    Source: Disney Death
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