Dream and Fantasize


Dream verb - To form a mental picture of.
Usage example: I dreamed that I was living on that proverbial desert island in the South Pacific

Fantasize is a synonym for dream in fantasise topic. In some cases you can use "Fantasize" instead a verb "Dream", when it comes to topics like real, conjure up scenario. popular alternative


Fantasize verb - To form a mental picture of.
Usage example: all those lottery players fantasizing themselves as living in extravagant luxury
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Synonyms for Fantasize

Dream is a synonym for fantasize in activity topic. You can use "Dream" instead the word "Fantasize" as a verb or a noun, if it concerns topics such as daydream, fantasise, real. popular alternative

Common collocations

tropes dream tropes fantasize tropes

Both words in one sentence

  • Manga / The Secret Notes of Lady Kanoko Yumemi Hitomi, a girl who loves to fantasize/dream.
  • Bridezilla While it's not unusual for a woman to fantasize about her dream wedding and maybe window-shop online once in awhile, these ladies already have the entire play-by-play planned out.
    Source: Bridezilla
  • Creator / Ray Bradbury In "The Veldt", two children fantasize about their parents being gruesomely devoured by lions so often that their automated house makes it happen Evil Hand: In "Fever Dream" the protagonist loses control of one of his hands which then tries to attack him.
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