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Narcotic and drugs are semantically related in medication topic. In some cases you can use "Narcotic" instead a noun "Drugs", when it comes to topics like dope.
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Narcotic noun – Something that soothes, calms, or induces passivity or a sense of security.
Drugs and narcotic are semantically related in dope topic. You can use "Drugs" instead a noun "Narcotic".
Nearby Words: narcosis, narcotism, narcotization
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  • While he's referring to a narcotic (by the way, Chris does NOT do drugs), Kenny thinks it would make a good name for a rock band.
  • Fantastic Drug Pouvoirpoint: various drugs with psychedelic effects are inhaled using a narghile, including a narcotic from Venus called PXL (which literally pixilates you), and Demoulax, which plunges the main character into highly hallucinatory dreams.
  • Vendor Trash One of these things is Psiclone, a narcotic implant often found by gangs and cults in the city (which can lead to X-COM raiding gangs, stealing their drugs, and selling off the take to fund their operations.)
    Source: Vendor Trash
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