Drugs and Narcotics


Defintions of Drugs not found.

Narcotics and drugs are semantically related. In some cases you can use "Narcotics" instead a noun "Drugs". popular alternative
Synonyms for Drugs


Defintions of Narcotics not found.
Drugs and narcotics are semantically related. You can use "Drugs" instead a noun "Narcotics". popular alternative
Synonyms for Narcotics

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  • Addiction Powered Justified as stimulant drugs and narcotics (including the truth serum) do in fact counteract each other.
  • Poisonous Person The Anvari also count, since their bloodline Discipline allows them to poison others with various drugs and narcotics at will, culminating in the ability to instantly cause a fatal overdose — like the Brothers of Ypres, they can only satisfactorily feed on drug-polluted blood.
  • Drugs Are Good Iain M Bank's The Culture novels have all narcotics and recreational drugs available to the entire population.
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