Dull and Interesting


Dull adjective - Causing weariness, restlessness, or lack of interest.
Usage example: a dull dance recital that made us wish that we were someplace else

Interesting is an antonym for dull in topics: boring, bright, not sharp, drab, unintelligent.

Nearby Words: dullness, dulling, dulled, dully, dullish


Interesting adjective - Holding the attention or provoking interest.
Usage example: an interesting lecture on conflicts in the Middle East since the demise of the Ottoman Empire

Dull is an antonym for interesting in topics: intriguing, appealing.

Both words in one sentence

  • One of the interesting things about The Evil Empire and similar Monolithically Evil Organizations is how dull they are.
  • The Valentines were collectively dubbed "The Boringtines", being dull and entirely superfluous to the show beyond a Token Minority family, but Calvin is the least interesting of a boring bunch.
  • The museum might actually be mildly interesting if the curator himself wasn't so desperately dull.
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