Dust and Ground


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Dust noun – The solid part of our planet's surface as distinguished from the sea and air.
Usage example: laid him out in the dust with one blow to the head

Ground is a synonym for dust in earth topic. In some cases you can use "Ground" instead a noun "Dust", when it comes to topics like tiny particles in the air.
Nearby Words: dusty, dusted, dusting, duster
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Ground noun – The loose surface material in which plants naturally grow.
Usage example: stuck the shovel in the ground and went inside for a glass of water

Dust is a synonym for ground in earth topic. You can use "Dust" instead a noun "Ground", if it concerns topics such as substance, soil.
Nearby Words: grounded, groundwork, groundless, grounding, groundsman
Synonyms for Ground

How words are described

old old dust old ground
legal legal dust legal ground
actual actual dust actual ground
little little dust little ground
Other adjectives: holy, cursed, last, concrete.

Common collocations

time dust time ground time
daughter dust daughter ground daughter

Both words in one sentence

  • Empty Piles of Clothing After almost everyone on Earth goes outside to look at a comet, their bodies are reduced to a red dust, leaving their clothes scattered on the ground with the dust spilling out of them.
  • Series / From the Earth to the Moon The telltale sign that it's a movie set, conspiracy fans, is the speed in which lunar dust flies and returns to the ground (Earth gravity), which is averted in the official films.
  • Literature / Dust City Powered by a Forsaken Child: The strongest fairy dust is made of ground-up fairy bones.
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