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Earth noun – The celestial body on which we live.
Field and earth are semantically related. In some cases you can use "Field" instead a noun "Earth".
Nearby Words: earthy, earthly, earthwork, earthen, earthed
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Field noun – Extensive tract of level open land.
Usage example: he longed for the fields of his youth

Earth and field are semantically related. Sometimes you can use "Earth" instead a noun "Field".
Nearby Words: fielded, fielding, fielder
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How words are described

full full earth full field
particular particular earth particular field
normal normal earth normal field
empty empty earth empty field
Other adjectives: actual, entire, little, flat, black, main, peaceful, new, different, red, surrounding.

Both words in one sentence

  • Post-Modern Magik Misa is the "Modern Day Mage" who uses the electronic patterns in computers and technology instead of "classic" magic that uses the earth's electromagnetic field and brain signals.
  • He recites the story of the book, which concerns secret alchemical brotherhoods, ancient conspiracies, and a plot to control the earth's magnetic field.
  • Higher-Tech Species The alien invaders of Battle: Los Angeles are advanced enough to reach Earth and field fleets of unmanned attack drones in the air while their infantry have access to man-portable Macross Missile Massacres but they're not so advanced that they don't need infantry to conquer Earth.
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