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Ease noun – Reduction of or freedom from pain.
Luxury is a synonym for ease in service topic. In some cases you can use "Luxury" instead a noun "Ease", when it comes to topics like comfort, peace, affluence, relief.
Nearby Words: easy, eased, easing, easeful, easiness
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Luxury noun – Something adding to pleasure or comfort but not absolutely necessary.
Ease is a synonym for luxury in service topic. Sometimes you can use "Ease" instead a noun "Luxury", if it concerns topics such as satisfaction, relief.
Nearby Words: luxurious, luxuriously
Synonyms for Luxury

How words are described

high high ease high luxury
particular particular ease particular luxury
utter utter ease utter luxury
total total ease total luxury
Other adjectives: endless, considerable, relative, sheer, disgusting, extreme, absolute, incredible, general, apparent, ridiculous, tremendous, amazing, bizarre, utmost, comparative.

Both words in one sentence

  • Most people who seek to join the Military Police do so because of the perceived life of ease and luxury, which is sure to be far, far away from man eating Titans which have humanity dangerously close to extinction.
  • The Dangerous Forbidden Technique that comes from using it would be survivable (though with a reduced lifespan) if he had years of gradual training to ease into it and did not have to overuse it — unfortunately, he hasn't got the luxury of either.
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