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Easily adverb – Without difficulty.
Simply is a synonym for easily in without difficulty topic. In some cases you can use "Simply" instead an adverb "Easily", when it comes to topics like effortlessly, undoubtedly. popular alternative
Nearby Words: easy, easiness
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Simply adverb – For nothing other than.
Easily is a synonym for simply in plainly topic. You can use "Easily" instead an adverb "Simply". popular alternative
Nearby Words: simple, simplistic
Synonyms for Simply

Both words in one sentence

  • Read the Freaking Manual It can be simply and easily overcome by pressing another button, which allows you to paint straight lines.
  • Manipulative Bastard Like Chessmasters, Manipulative Bastards will have some larger scheme in mind but tend to lose sight of it more easily and simply enjoy the control they have over their peers.
  • Cursed with Awesome To everyone else, the Akuma can easily be seen as simply monsters that need to be destroyed, but Allen gets a truer idea of what's really at stake.
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