Easily and Smoothly


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Easily adverb – Without difficulty.
Usage example: a skater who easily executes even the most difficult jumps

Smoothly is a synonym for easily in without difficulty topic. In some cases you can use "Smoothly" instead an adverb "Easily", when it comes to topics like effortlessly, with ease. popular alternative
Nearby Words: easy, easiness
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Smoothly adverb – Without difficulty.
Usage example: we proceeded smoothly to the next stage of the project

Easily is a synonym for smoothly in very well topic. You can use "Easily" instead an adverb "Smoothly", if it concerns topics such as effortlessly, without a hitch. popular alternative
Nearby Words: smooth, smoothness, smoother
Synonyms for Smoothly

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  • The energy is smoothly distributed throughout their bodies, allowing them to easily convert and or expel that energy as quickly as they absorb it.
  • Manga / Yuusha Gojo Kumiai Kouryuugata Keijiban An inter-dimensional nonprofit organisation of sorts, the Hero Union is dedicated to making sure that the exploits of heroes go smoothly and that summoned heroes can easily transition into their new lives and back to normal once their adventure is over.
  • Western Animation / Frankenweenie The film's stop-motion animation could've easily been animated more smoothly like its rival movie, ParaNorman, but Burton declined to do so as he wanted the film's stop-motion to be a little stiff with the movement in keeping with the horror vibe of the film.
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