Easy and Hard


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Easy adjective – Involving minimal difficulty or effort.
Usage example: a minor problem with an easy solution

Hard is an antonym for easy in topics: tolerant, simple, difficult, good-humored, leisurely.
Nearby Words: ease, easily, easiness
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Hard adjective – Requiring considerable physical or mental effort.
Usage example: a hard exam to pass

Easy is an antonym for hard in topics: difficult, exhausting, true, cruel, rocklike.
Nearby Words: harden, hardship, hardy, hardly, hardness
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Things that words describes

experience easy experience hard experience
life easy life hard life
part easy part hard part
choice easy choice hard choice
Other nouns: time, route, path, way, level, task, music, fight, battle, living, side, version, mission, enemies.

Both words in one sentence

  • It's something you can only do when your imaginary power grows stronger.Hector: I'm guessing it's not as easy as that first step was.Garovel: It's not easy or hard, actually.
  • While some can be easy or hard no matter which one you pick, some games may seem harder or easier just because of the region the game was made in.
  • Video Game / Paper Mario Depending on who you choose to bring with you in a boss battle, it may be easy or hard.
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