Eccentric and Unconventional


Eccentric adjective - Different from the ordinary in a way that causes curiosity or suspicion.
Usage example: his eccentric decorating style isn't going over well with the neighbors

Unconventional is a synonym for eccentric in odd topic. In some cases you can use "Unconventional" instead an adjective "Eccentric", when it comes to topics like bizarre, unorthodox, bohemian. popular alternative


Unconventional adjective - Not conventional or conformist.
Usage example: unconventional life styles

Eccentric is a synonym for unconventional in odd topic. You can use "Eccentric" instead an adjective "Unconventional", if it concerns topics such as unorthodox, bohemian. popular alternative

Nearby Word: unconventionally

Both words in one sentence

  • A Narrator who tells the story from a third-person perspective, in an eccentric, bizarre, or otherwise unconventional style.
  • An eccentric, poorly thought-out or unconventional look (or deciding not to make much of an effort to look glamorous that year in the first place) can damage a celebrity's reputation almost permanently.
  • Holt lives in a comedic world populated by goofy eccentrics, is himself a pretty eccentric person, is the rule-conscious superior constantly butting heads with an unconventional detective under his command and is openly gay.
    Source: Casting Gag
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