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Educator noun – A person whose occupation is to give formal instruction in a school.
Usage example: decided at a fairly young age that there is no more rewarding career than that of an educator

Teacher is a synonym for educator in master topic. In some cases you can use "Teacher" instead a noun "Educator", when it comes to topics like education, teach, college teacher. popular alternative
Nearby Words: educate, education, educated, educational, educative
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Teacher noun – A person whose occupation is to give formal instruction in a school.
Usage example: a young man who ardently wants to become a teacher and teach first grade

Educator is a synonym for teacher in master topic. You can use "Educator" instead a noun "Teacher", if it concerns topics such as education, teach, college teacher, person who educates. popular alternative
Nearby Words: teach, teaching, teachable
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How words are described

popular popular educator popular teacher
responsible responsible educator responsible teacher
great great educator great teacher
respected respected educator respected teacher
Other adjectives: former.

Both words in one sentence

  • A subtrope of Determinator, this is an educator (often a principal, though sometimes just a teacher) who, by all gods, swears that you WILL get an education, by all means necessary.
  • Sadist Teacher - The quietly spoken educator who isn't worried even if a child dies.
  • Having a Man Child teacher in control of a Wacky Homeroom is not uncommon in Schoolgirl Series though a Straight Man educator may be swapped in to form a contrast with the outrageous behavior of the main heroines.
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