Effective and Ineffectual


Effective adjective - Producing or capable of producing a desired result.
Usage example: an effective treatment of the once-dreaded disease

Ineffectual is an antonym for effective in topics: powerful, ineffective.


Ineffectual adjective - Not producing the desired result.
Usage example: an ineffectual effort to find the trail again did at least lead them to another stunning view of the canyon

Effective is an antonym for ineffectual in useless topic.

Nearby Words: ineffective, ineffectively

Both words in one sentence

  • On ground level, he is generally considered ineffectual and unpopular (particularly because of his smell), but in his home territory of the sewers, he's one of The City's most effective superheroes.
    Source: The Rainman
  • Ineffectual Sympathetic Villain: Potentially threating but too incompetent to be effective and makes you feel sorry for them.
  • Video Game / Battalion Wars They're effective against helicopters but are terribly ineffectual against fixed-wing aircraft at any distance besides short-range.
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