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Effeminate adjective – Of or relating to a man who has or displays qualities considered more suitable for women.
Male is an antonym for effeminate.
Nearby Word: effeminacy
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Male adjective – Of, relating to, or marked by qualities traditionally associated with men.
Usage example: the radio program offers both male and female perspectives on many common relationship issues

Effeminate is an antonym for male in masculine topic.
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Similar words of male
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Things that words describes

character effeminate character male character
member effeminate member male member
clothing effeminate clothing male clothing
figure effeminate figure male figure
Other nouns: characters, personality, voice, vampire, villain, side, warden, version, student, demon, singer, wrestler, names, friends, voices, classmates.

Both words in one sentence

  • Camp Straight The show later had Andy, the eponymous male nanny in "The One With the Male Nanny", who is extremely effeminate yet straight.
    Source: Camp Straight
  • Manga / DearS The manga throws in a little male-male subtext, too, first with the effeminate DearS Khi telling Takeya he'll happily accept any order from him (and tearing up when he gives an almost-order).
    Source: Manga / DearS
  • Useful Notes / Kawaisa aka: Kawaii The American version has a gruff, hard male protagonist, while the Japanese version has an effeminate, sensitive male protagonist.
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