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Egocentric adjective – Overly concerned with one's own desires, needs, or interests.
Usage example: the cult attracts egocentric people who are preoccupied with reaching their potential as individuals

Selfish is a synonym for egocentric in egotistic topic. In some cases you can use "Selfish" instead an adjective "Egocentric", when it comes to topics like self-centred, egoistic, pampered, self. popular alternative
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Selfish adjective – Overly concerned with one's own desires, needs, or interests.
Usage example: a selfish desire to succeed at the expense of others

Egocentric is a synonym for selfish in egoistic topic. You can use "Egocentric" instead an adjective "Selfish", if it concerns topics such as pampered, self, thinking only of oneself. popular alternative
Nearby Words: self, selfishness, selfishly
Synonyms for Selfish

Things that words describes

person egocentric person selfish person
behaviour egocentric behaviour selfish behaviour
attitude egocentric attitude selfish attitude
man egocentric man selfish man
Other nouns: personality, idiot, jerk, ass, jackass, bastard, father, asshole, brat, reasons.

Both words in one sentence

  • Series / Damages Reformed, but Rejected: Frobisher plays at being this, but it's fairly obvious that, his claims of spiritual renewal aside, he's still every bit the selfish and egocentric bastard he was before.
  • Comic Book / Sabretooth It's All About Me: Notoriously selfish and egocentric; if he ever goes out of his way to act like you truly matter to him, that should be your first clue that he's planning something.
  • Film / Scrooged Except even there, Frank is shown to be really rather selfish and egocentric.
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