Eliminate and Require


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Eliminate verb – Do away with.
Require is an antonym for eliminate.
Nearby Words: elimination, eliminating, eliminator
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Require verb – Require as useful, just, or proper.
Usage example: success usually requires hard work

Eliminate is an antonym for require.
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Similar words of eliminate
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Similar words of require
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Common collocations

ability eliminate ability require ability
power eliminate power require power
people eliminate people require people
knowledge eliminate knowledge require knowledge
Other nouns: someone, death, characters, magic, source, player, players, members, monsters.

Both words in one sentence

  • Video Game / A Valley Without Wind Taken Up to Eleven in the "Fix Anachronism" missions which require you to eliminate enemies that don't belong in the environment, resulting in sea-snakes in a DESERT dungeon.
  • No Waterproofing in the Future This is also how Kryten, then a simple cleaning and service droid, slays the entire crew of his first ship, the Nova Ten: he gets it onto his head that the inside of all the computer terminals require a really thorough cleaning to eliminate that regrettable build-up of dust.
  • His first major attempt to force Michael to quit is to legally require him to become a steward, and when Michael still refuses he has his son branded as a criminal and stripped of legal rights to try and eliminate all options other than being steward.
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