Embarrassment and Humiliation


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Embarrassment noun – The emotional state of being made self-consciously uncomfortable.
Usage example: experienced the great embarrassment of tripping while on stage

Humiliation is a synonym for embarrassment in shame topic. In some cases you can use "Humiliation" instead a noun "Embarrassment", when it comes to topics like feeling. popular alternative
Nearby Words: embarrass, embarrassed, embarrassing
Synonyms for Embarrassment


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Humiliation noun – Strong feelings of embarrassment.
Embarrassment is a synonym for humiliation in feeling topic. You can use "Embarrassment" instead a noun "Humiliation", if it concerns topics such as shame. popular alternative
Nearby Words: humiliate, humility, humiliating, humiliated
Synonyms for Humiliation

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physical physical embarrassment physical humiliation
public public embarrassment public humiliation
complete complete embarrassment complete humiliation
utter utter embarrassment utter humiliation
Other adjectives: total, endless, considerable, sheer, constant, extreme, great, intense, huge, little, social, personal, major, national, minor, further, extra, greater, subsequent, eventual, maximum, added.

Both words in one sentence

  • Series / The Inbetweeners Girl of the Week: Several show up in various episodes to cause Will pain, humiliation and embarrassment, only to never be seen again afterwards, including Lauren, Kerry and Punk Girl.
  • Synopsis: The selected seven from TDA has to win one final challenge: enter the Battle City Tournament or suffer from humiliation and embarrassment.
  • Tropes dealing with shame, embarrassment, and humiliation... or the lack thereof.
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