Embrace and Take


Embrace verb - To receive or accept gladly or readily.
Usage example: the exchange student was gratified to be so quickly embraced by people of the small rural community

Take is a synonym for embrace in accept topic. In some cases you can use "Take" instead a verb "Embrace", when it comes to topics like possession.

Nearby Words: embraced, embracing


Take verb - To agree to receive whether willingly or reluctantly.
Usage example: took a cut in pay

Embrace is a synonym for take in accept topic. Sometimes you can use "Embrace" instead a verb "Take", if it concerns topics such as comprise.

Nearby Words: taking, taken, taker

How words are described

good good embrace good take
best best embrace best take
long long embrace long take
sarcastic sarcastic embrace sarcastic take
Other adjectives: dramatic, last, extended, modern.

Common collocations

approach embrace approach take approach
power embrace power take power
life embrace life take life
role embrace role take role
Other words: part, job, name, path, way, side.

Both words in one sentence

  • Film / X-Men: Apocalypse Quicksilver fears that Magneto may not embrace him as a son because Lehnsherr doesn't love his mother, so Peter assists Mystique in attempting to take down Apocalypse.
  • Comments: Loads of inside reference, lampshade hangings, and details to make even non-fans of the cartoon take notice, this is how to take a campy show and embrace it.
  • Series / Victorious Fanservice: All the girls take turns at this but Cat seems to embrace it most often and hardest.
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