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Eminent adjective – Standing above others in rank, importance, or achievement.
Usage example: many eminent surgeons are on the hospital's staff

Famous is a synonym for eminent in prominent topic. In some cases you can use "Famous" instead an adjective "Eminent", when it comes to topics like knowledge, splendid, illustrious, respected. popular alternative
Nearby Words: eminence, eminently
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Famous adjective – Widely known.
Usage example: a book about some of the most famous people of the last century

Eminent is a synonym for famous in prominent topic. You can use "Eminent" instead an adjective "Famous", if it concerns topics such as characteristic, knowledge, splendid, renowned. popular alternative
Nearby Words: fame, famously, famed, famousness
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Things that words describes

person eminent person famous person
man eminent man famous man
writer eminent writer famous writer
case eminent case famous case
Other nouns: scientist, musician, actors, examples, scientists, writers, authors.

Both words in one sentence

  • Ancient Greece One of the very few famous Athenian women was Aspasia, the mistress of Pericles, Athens's most eminent statesman.
  • Comicbook / Daredevil: Born Again Kingpin finally has found the man he cannot break.The story is considered one of the best of the era and one of the three eminent superhero deconstructions — among them Batman: The Dark Knight Returns and Watchmen — though less famous than they are.
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