Emotional and Impassive


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Emotional adjective – Having or expressing great depth of feeling.
Usage example: worship at revival meetings often takes a markedly emotional form

Impassive is an antonym for emotional in demonstrative about feelings topic.
Nearby Words: emotion, emotionally, emotionalism, emotive, emotionality
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Impassive adjective – Not feeling or showing emotion.
Usage example: she remained impassive as the officers informed her of her son's death

Emotional is an antonym for impassive in aloof topic.
Nearby Words: impasse, impassivity, impassible, impassively
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Things that words describes

capacity emotional capacity impassive capacity
nature emotional nature impassive nature

Both words in one sentence

  • Some people are impassive to emotional appeals, and so you must use logic to persuade them; others are confused by logic, and so must be persuaded through emotion.
  • Video Game / Resident Evil 6 Dull Surprise: Helena, an ex-cop turned Secret Service agent with no biohazard experience whatsoever and a history of emotional overreaction, is seemingly impassive to the horrors all around her, like mutating B.O.Ws, uncannily intelligent zombies, and mass slaughter.
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