Emotional and Intellectual


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Emotional adjective – Determined or actuated by emotion rather than reason.
Usage example: it was an emotional judgment

Intellectual is an antonym for emotional.
Nearby Words: emotion, emotionally, emotionalism, emotive, emotionality
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Intellectual adjective – Involving intelligence rather than emotions or instinct.
Emotional is an antonym for intellectual.
Nearby Words: intellect, intellection, intellectuality, intellective, intellectually
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Similar words of intellectual
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Things that words describes

character emotional character intellectual character
capacity emotional capacity intellectual capacity
depth emotional depth intellectual depth
point emotional point intellectual point
Other nouns: nature, center, development, characters, level, weight, growth, side, maturity.

Both words in one sentence

  • In the role of Twilight's assistant however, he is thoroughly competent, so proves himself rather useful in emotional or intellectual manners at least.
  • Kay is actually more attracted to (on an emotional and intellectual level) to an old lady living nearby.
  • G-Rated Sex Word of God is that the initial sparring session between Raleigh and Mako in Pacific Rim, was supposed to have shades of this to emphasize that the link between pilots is not strictly intellectual/emotional.
    Source: G-Rated Sex
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