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Emotional adjective – Having the power to affect the feelings or sympathies.
Usage example: in one emotional scene in the movie the boy must say goodbye to his extraterrestrial friend

Stirring is a synonym for emotional in moving topic. In some cases you can use "Stirring" instead an adjective "Emotional", when it comes to topics like poignant, inspiring, demonstrative about feelings. popular alternative
Nearby Words: emotion, emotionally, emotionalism, emotive, emotionality
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Stirring adjective – Having the power to affect the feelings or sympathies.
Usage example: a stirring rendition of the national anthem

Emotional is a synonym for stirring in moving topic. You can use "Emotional" instead an adjective "Stirring", if it concerns topics such as exciting, inspiring. popular alternative
Nearby Words: stir, stirred, stirringly
Synonyms for Stirring

Things that words describes

climax emotional climax stirring climax
speech emotional speech stirring speech
scene emotional scene stirring scene
story emotional story stirring story
Other nouns: music.

Both words in one sentence

  • Franchise / Batman Not only is it an emotional time for him since the loss of his parents, but his enemies LOVE the irony of stirring up crap on what's supposed to be the happiest holiday of the year.
  • Xenafication In the film trilogy, Jennifer was a useless, emotional Satellite Love Interest to Marty, but in an alternate timeline in the game she becomes a rebellious bad girl stirring up trouble for the Citizen Brown Regime and actively assists Marty in taking it down.
    Source: Xenafication
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