Emotional and Unemotional


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Emotional adjective – Having or expressing great depth of feeling.
Usage example: worship at revival meetings often takes a markedly emotional form

Unemotional is an antonym for emotional in topics: passionate, demonstrative about feelings.
Nearby Words: emotion, emotionally, emotionalism, emotive, emotionality
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Unemotional adjective – Not feeling or showing emotion.
Usage example: a surprisingly unemotional expression for someone who was just informed that his wife was missing

Emotional is an antonym for unemotional in not responsive topic.
Nearby Word: unemotionally
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Similar words of emotional
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Similar words of unemotional
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Things that words describes

person emotional person unemotional person
character emotional character unemotional character
state emotional state unemotional state
nature emotional nature unemotional nature
Other nouns: characters, manipulation.

Both words in one sentence

  • Ascetic Aesthetic Equilibrium uses this to show the difference between the clean, calm, boring, and unemotional society and the dirty, downtrodden and emotional heretics.
  • Series / Almost Human Color-inverted by the completely rational and unemotional MX-43s, whose temples light up with red circuit patterns when scanning or receiving and whose perspective is shown with a red tinge, as compared to the more humanistic and emotional Dorian, whose similar effects are cast in blue.
  • Podcast / The Thrilling Adventure Hour Defrosting Ice King: Croach is very unemotional and Spock-ish at the start of the series, but as it progresses, he develops genuine feelings and emotional attachments to his friends and even becomes romantically involved with The Red Plains Rider.
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