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Employee noun – One who works for another for wages or a salary.
Usage example: an employer who was loved and admired by generations of employees

Hand is a synonym for employee in worker topic. In some cases you can use "Hand" instead a noun "Employee", when it comes to topics like blue-collar worker. popular alternative
Nearby Words: employ, employment, employed, employer, employe
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Hand noun – One who works for another for wages or a salary.
Usage example: the restaurant always hires several more hands for the busy summer season

Employee is a synonym for hand in worker topic. You can use "Employee" instead a noun "Hand", if it concerns topics such as person who does labor. popular alternative
Nearby Words: handle, handy, handed, handful, handhold
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How words are described

old old employee old hand
good good employee good hand
best best employee best hand
normal normal employee normal hand
Other adjectives: single, little, bad, new, major.

Both words in one sentence

  • On one hand, he had miserable childhood, worked hard for little rewards or pay, and had to work with Homer, a lazy, stupid employee who had no understanding of sacrifice.
  • Film / Trading Places The Scrooge: The billionaire Dukes hand out $5 Christmas bonuses, and ruin an employee's life for a one dollar bet.
  • Flipping the Bird Surly teenage troublemaker Robbie is chased off the local mini-golf course for spraying graffiti, and makes "lewd hand gestures" at an employee from off-screen.
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