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Ending noun – The last part of a process or action.
Usage example: the plagiarism scandal was a disgraceful ending to a once-promising academic career

Finale is a synonym for ending in end topic. In some cases you can use "Finale" instead a noun "Ending", when it comes to topics like finish, conclusion, start, stop. popular alternative
Nearby Words: end, ended
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Finale noun – The last part of a process or action.
Usage example: the finale to the festivities was a grand display of fireworks

Ending is a synonym for finale in end topic. You can use "Ending" instead a noun "Finale", if it concerns topics such as climax, start. popular alternative
Nearby Words: final, finality, finalist
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good good ending good finale
special special ending special finale
perfect perfect ending perfect finale
original original ending original finale
Other adjectives: fake, true, proper, actual, entire, real, big, satisfying, bad, dark, tragic, famous, ultimate, dramatic, possible, alternate, last, intended, extended, planned, fifth.

Both words in one sentence

  • The A-Team remake movie does this twice: with the mission at the beginning of the movie and part of its finale and the ending itself.
  • Every Episode Ending This effect doesn't change even when the default ending song gets replaced in some of the character-centered episodes; the only time it gets altered is the series' finale, where the ending song plays over the next-to-the-last scene, and the poem appears at the very end of the episode.
  • Prefers Canadian actors over American actors, as seen in his writing of the [[Due South] finale and ending for each of the Rays.
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