Ending and Start


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Ending noun – The last part of a process or action.
Usage example: the plagiarism scandal was a disgraceful ending to a once-promising academic career

Start is an antonym for ending in topics: finish, conclusion.
Nearby Words: end, ended
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Start noun – The point at which something begins.
Usage example: knew from the start of the game that he would win easily

Ending is an antonym for start in topics: advantage, flinch, beginning.
Nearby Words: started, startled, starting, starter, startup
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Similar words of ending
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Similar words of start
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How words are described

good good ending good start
best best ending best start
similar similar ending similar start
original original ending original start
Other adjectives: true, proper, dead, actual, entire, real, big, bad, false, main, new, possible, final, extra, official, canonical, last.

Both words in one sentence

  • All Just a Dream: The entire game outside of the start and the ending is an illusion created by the Mara Statue.
  • Billing Displacement He shows up briefly at both the start and ending, and disappears quietly somewhere in the first act, remaining absent for the remainder.
  • Video Game / The Room Mobile Game The box the Craftsman entraps you in at the Imprisoned ending looks similar to the box he gave you at the start of the game.
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