Endless and Finite


Endless adjective - Being or seeming to be without limits.
Usage example: from the promontory visitors can look out over an endless sea

Finite is an antonym for endless in topics: eternal, not stopping.

Nearby Words: end, endlessly, endlessness


Finite adjective - Having a limit.
Usage example: our nation's natural resources are abundant, but they are also finite

Endless is an antonym for finite in topics: limited, subject to limitations.

Nearby Word: finitely

Both words in one sentence

  • If they said the latter, they would contradict at least one cosmological hypothesis, which holds that the universe is mathematically the 3D surface of a 4D hypersphere (and thus endless but finite).
  • Video Game / Gothic There only a few Respawning Enemies except for the finite chapter transitions, so endless Level Grinding (without the use of some bugs or Game Mods) is tough.
  • Pyrrhic Victory The Tyranids lose both the potential bio-mass of the planet they were trying to eat as well as that of the forces spent attacking it, but at the same time the Imperium has just sacrificed one of their finite and ever-shrinking number of planets, while the Tyranids seem endless.
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