Endless and Passing


Endless adjective - Lasting forever.
Usage example: the endless roar is what I remember most about Niagara Falls

Passing is an antonym for endless in topics: eternal, not stopping.

Nearby Words: end, endlessly, endlessness


Passing adjective - Lasting only for a short time.
Usage example: his parents were willing to buy him a piano if he demonstrated that his interest in music was more than a passing fancy

Endless is an antonym for passing.

Nearby Words: pass, passage, passed, passable, passingly

Both words in one sentence

  • Endless Winter: In the short story A Pail of Air, the Earth is ripped away from the Sun by a passing black hole.
  • Series / Metal Hurlant Chronicles This mysterious piece of debris wanders across the galaxy, frequently passing by random planets in its endless travels.These random planets are where our stories take place.
  • Due to the Dead In an earlier story, Destruction visited the necropolis where the sacraments used to acknowledge the passing of an incarnation of an Endless are preserved.
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