Endless and Unending


Endless adjective - Lasting forever.
Usage example: the endless roar is what I remember most about Niagara Falls

Unending is a synonym for endless in continue topic. In some cases you can use "Unending" instead an adjective "Endless", when it comes to topics like constant, ceaseless, eternal, not stopping. popular alternative

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Unending adjective - Lasting forever.
Usage example: the writer's latest memoir is a seemingly unending exercise in narcissistic rambling

Endless is a synonym for unending in continue topic. You can use "Endless" instead an adjective "Unending", if it concerns topics such as limitless, constant, continuing. popular alternative

Nearby Word: unendingly

Both words in one sentence

  • Series / Magnum, P.I. Fanservice: Not just the unending stream of women who want Magnum, and not just the endless parade of near-naked beach babes in the background.
  • Literature / Earthsea aka: Tehanu Endless Daytime: One of the backstory's greatest heroes, Erreth-Akbe, is said to have gained eternal fame by defeating a being (a mage or possibly a dragon) called the Firelord who sought to stop the sun at noon so that there would be light unending.
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