Endless and Unlimited


Endless adjective - Being or seeming to be without limits.
Usage example: from the promontory visitors can look out over an endless sea

Unlimited is a synonym for endless in limitless topic. In some cases you can use "Unlimited" instead an adjective "Endless", when it comes to topics like eternal, limited, indefinite, not stopping. popular alternative

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Unlimited adjective - Being or seeming to be without limits.
Usage example: no ruler should ever be given unlimited power

Endless is a synonym for unlimited in limitless topic. You can use "Endless" instead an adjective "Unlimited", if it concerns topics such as extensive, boundless, limited, indefinite. popular alternative

Both words in one sentence

  • On the level "Roots and Radicals", there's a medium-sized room which spawns endless amounts of Enemy and Weapons sprites, not to mention unlimited Helpful Drones.
  • Western Animation / Totally Spies! Unlimited Wardrobe: While on the job the trio wear the same color-coded jumpsuits, in their "spare time" not only have a seemingly endless wardrobe, they love to go shopping as well.
  • Series / I Dream of Jeannie Unlimited Wardrobe: Jeannie's ability to whip up a new outfit at will gave the series creators the chance to put Barbara Eden in an endless series of gorgeous costumes.
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