Enigmatic and Mystical


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Enigmatic adjective – Being beyond one's powers to know, understand, or explain.
Usage example: the discovery of the abandoned ship in mid ocean remains one of the most enigmatic episodes in seafaring history

Mystical is a synonym for enigmatic in property topic. In some cases you can use "Mystical" instead an adjective "Enigmatic", when it comes to topics like dark, mysterious, explain.
Nearby Words: enigmatical, enigma, enigmatically
Synonyms for Enigmatic


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Mystical adjective – Having an import not apparent to the senses nor obvious to the intelligence; beyond ordinary understanding.
Enigmatic is a synonym for mystical in property topic. You can use "Enigmatic" instead an adjective "Mystical", if it concerns topics such as cryptic, dark, secret, mysterious.
Nearby Words: mystic, mystery, mystique, mysticism, mystically
Synonyms for Mystical

Things that words describes

girl enigmatic girl mystical girl
people enigmatic people mystical people
nature enigmatic nature mystical nature
creature enigmatic creature mystical creature
Other nouns: land, figure, characters, world, book, bad, items, elements, forces, origins, island, powers.

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