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Enormous adjective – Unusually large.
Usage example: that pumpkin is so enormous that it has to be a record holder

Huge is a synonym for enormous in big topic. In some cases you can use "Huge" instead an adjective "Enormous", when it comes to topics like immense, size, massive, large and clumsy. popular alternative
Nearby Words: enormity, enormously
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Huge adjective – Unusually large.
Usage example: the old stadium was replaced by a huge new one that seats 100,000 spectators

Enormous is a synonym for huge in big topic. You can use "Enormous" instead an adjective "Huge", if it concerns topics such as immense, size, massive, large and clumsy. popular alternative
Nearby Words: hugely, hugeness
Synonyms for Huge

Things that words describes

crush enormous crush huge crush
collection enormous collection huge collection
power enormous power huge power
man enormous man huge man
Other nouns: creature, amount, cast, pile, variety, number, army, advantage, size, influence, head, battle, monster, explosion, damage, success, boost, dragon, sword, gun, ego, eyes, wings, breasts, amounts.

Both words in one sentence

  • Dragon Hoard The creature is still in it, grown to an enormous size and guarding an equally huge heap of gold at the lake bottom.
    Source: Dragon Hoard
  • Breast Expansion Peter asks Jesus to give Lois huge breasts and in the next scene Lois' boobs grow to absolutely enormous size.
  • Interestingly, in some languages the adjective "mastodontic" has become a household word as a synonym of "huge," "enormous," but the animal wasn't actually that big compared with other extinct proboscideans (it was a bit smaller than a bush elephant).
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