Entanglement and Intrigue


Entanglement noun - Something that catches and holds.

Intrigue is a synonym for entanglement in affair topic. In some cases you can use "Intrigue" instead a noun "Entanglement", when it comes to topics like complication.

Nearby Words: entangle, entangled, entangling


Intrigue noun - A secret plan for accomplishing evil or unlawful ends.

Entanglement is a synonym for intrigue. You can use "Entanglement" instead a noun "Intrigue".

Nearby Words: intriguing, intrigued, intriguer

How words are described

brief brief entanglement brief intrigue
romantic romantic entanglement romantic intrigue
dark dark entanglement dark intrigue

Both words in one sentence

  • Your job is to travel around the multiverse, recruiting others to the cause of La Résistance.Entanglement is a small, niche game, centered around intrigue and politics where the characters take on the role of rebels against (or agents for) The Empire.
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