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Entertainment noun – The act or activity of providing pleasure or amusement especially for the public.
Play is a synonym for entertainment in amusement topic. In some cases you can use "Play" instead a noun "Entertainment", when it comes to topics like sport, leisure, game, playfulness.
Nearby Words: entertain, entertaining, entertainer, entertained
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Play noun – Activity engaged in to amuse oneself.
Usage example: it's such a delight to watch the children in their play

Entertainment is a synonym for play in amusement topic. You can use "Entertainment" instead a noun "Play", if it concerns topics such as sport, leisure, game, playfulness.
Nearby Words: played, playful, player, playfulness, playing
Synonyms for Play

How words are described

good good entertainment good play
musical musical entertainment musical play
popular popular entertainment popular play
real real entertainment real play
Other adjectives: big, great, serious, little, main, interesting, general, fictional, classic, based.

Both words in one sentence

  • Bringing up the "correct" way to play a game is an excellent way to get yourself lynched; after all, entertainment is SERIOUS BUSINESS!
  • Most Annoying Sound In the video game for Xbox, the programmers decided to enhance our entertainment with bits of the show's trademark witty banter as you play.
  • Since he couldn't always play with the other children in his weakened state, he instead turned toward video games as a source of entertainment.
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